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Wednesday Afternoons at CCF

Tournament Concluded
Tournament Concluded
Tournament in Progress
Once entered, please email us any dates you cannot make and we will seek to set your fixtures around them.  Please ensure we know as early
as possible of any dates you cannot do, as once fixtures are set, it becomes more complicated to change them.
September 13 - 20 - 27 January 10-17-24-31 April 18 - 25
October 04 - 11 - 18 February 07 - 21 - 28 May 02-09-16-23-30
November 01-08-15-22-29 March 07-14-21-28 June 06 - 13 - 20 - 27
December 06 - 13 April - July 04 - 11 - 18

We are growing a club on Wednesday afternoons with the prime aim of giving "senior" (or available) players competitive (or friendly) chess at a time which allows them to get home at a reasonable time.  Although it is primarily aimed at "senior" players, adults whose work allows them to join will not be prevented from doing so. 

*   Time Control:  90 minutes for all moves plus 30 second Fischer increments
*   Start Time:  2pm on Wednesdays

*     All English players must be Gold/Platinum members of the ECF before playing
*     All non-English players must either be Gold/Platinum members of the ECF before playing, or be asked for a grading surcharge.

Name and Date of Birth
Name and Date of Birth
Name and Date of Birth


1 All matches shall be played according to the FIDE laws of chess and (as stated in the Laws of Chess) the CCF appointed arbiter’s decisions shall be final in all matters relating to the laws of the game and any issues not covered by the laws. Any decision to refer an issue to a higher qualified arbiter will be made by CCF if it is felt appropriate.
2 CCF reserves the right to state on which day matches will be played. CCF reserves the right to set and amend fixtures as necessary for the overall good of the competitions.  CCF can set any fixture for any event on any Wednesday afternoon that it believes players are available to play.  All matches shall be played on their arranged date or the match shall be treated as defaulted, unless postponement is made according to the rules (see below).  Players are obliged to inform CCF in advance (as far advance as possible) of any stated tournament dates that they are unable to play on.  
3 Matches should be completed on the day they are started. Sealed moves may only be made with the permission of the arbiter and only in very exceptional circumstances; consideration will only be given if the match does not affect the overall running of the competition - as the successful completion of the tournament is paramount.
4 All matches played within the competitions shall be graded with the English Chess Federation and rated with FIDE.
5 The time limit for all long play matches shall be 1 hour and 30 minutes each on the clock plus 30 seconds per move added from Move 1 Fischer timings.  Players should note that, with increments of 30 seconds or more, they are obliged to record moves FULLY at all times, regardless of how much time is left on the clock.
Unless otherwise agreed/decided with the players, there will be an Open section and an Under 1600 Section.  Players (using their active rating at the start of the event) rated 1500 or higher may choose to play in the higher section if they wish.  Players below 1500 must play in the Under 1600.
7 In all competitions except the "Pairings by Ratings" format, 3 points will be awarded for any win, 2 points for any draw and 1 point for any defeat.  Any games where a player fails to show or does not cancel by the specified deadline date will attract a score of 0.  With "Pairings by Ratings" players will score the FIDE points they gain and lose from their matches (based on the ratings (or estimates/conversions) at the time of the match (using K factor of 40 for all players); scores will be calculated on a player's best 7 results (or it could be more than 7; the number of games played by the least active player in the tournament shall determine how many games are used where it is higher).  A defaulted match shall count as -30 to the player(s) defaulting.
8 There could be 4 types of event open to us subject to numbers - details below:
A)  All-Play-All: this format will be used for up to 10 players only
B)  2 Group Phases: this format will be used for between 11 and 15 players)
C)  A Swiss system event: this format will be used for 16 or more players.
D)  Pairings by Rating (not score) with table decided by rating points won/lost
9 Clocks shall be started at 2pm on a match day (by the arbiter if necessary) except where a player has special dispensation. Where both players are absent, white’s clock shall be started, but the clocks may be adjusted by the arbiter on arrival of the first player if the time elapsed is (in his/her opinion) substancial. 
10 If a player has not arrived at the board by 2.45pm, he/she shall default the match, unless suitable notification (as deemed by the arbiter) has been received from that player after 1pm on the day, confirming that they are definitely on their way, in which case that player shall only be defaulted when they run out of time. Such notification must generally be made on 020 8645 9586 or on the emergency contact number (as given).
11 Where a match has been declared "defaulted" by the controller, according to the rules, this decision can only be overturned if either it is determined that the player(s) defaulting had, after all, fulfilled the requirements to postpone, or a unanimous decision agreed by everyone in their particular section of the competition is reached (ie. those who could be deemed to be affected by the decision) and where the controller is happy that an appeal is valid.
12 Any appeal against a default must be made by the player concerned before the next matches are due to be played.
13 CCF reserves the right to default a player who is unable to play a game for whatever reason, even if not their fault. 


Up to 10 Players All-Play-All event
In an all-play-all section, a random draw will be made for each event to decide colours.  Each player will play everyone else within the section over the course of the stated dates.  The final positions will be decided by:  1) Most Points Scored, 2) Direct result(s) between the players tied, 3) Sonnerborn-Berger (click the link for an explanation on Wikipedia), 4) Remove the bottom player's results and re-calculate the result table using the above, 5) Only if required then, a player's best + or - grading performance compared with their grade (or estimate).
11-15 Players Group Phase 1 followed by Group Phase 2
Players will be drawn into 2 or 3 groups, with numbers as equal as possible.  In the first phase, players will play each other person in their group once (with a pre-tournament draw deciding colours).  Everyone will move into some form of 2nd phase of the tournament as detailed below.  Where players are in the same 2nd group as a player they played in the 1st group, they shall not play that player again, but carry through the result they had against that player into the final table for the 2nd phase group.  The stages of the competition will run as follows:

11 Players

Phase 1: 1 Group of 6 & 1 Group of 5.
Phase 2: Top 3 in each group move into the Super6 phase, the bottom 3 (or 2) move into a similar "plate" phase.

12 Players

Phase 1: 2 Groups of 6.
Phase 2: Top 3 in each group move into the Super6 phase, the bottom 3 move into a similar "plate" phase.

13 Players

Phase 1: 1 Group of 7 & 1 Group of 6.
Phase 2: Top 3 in each group move into the Super6 phase, the next 2 move into a similar "plate" phase & the bottom 1/2 move into a similar "saucer" phase.

14 Players

Phase 1: 2 Groups of 7
Phase 2: Top 3 in each group move into the Super6 phase, the next 2 move into a similar "plate" phase & the bottom 2 move into a similar "saucer" phase.

15 Players

Phase 1: 3 Groups of 5
Phase 2: Top 2 in each group move into the Super6 phase,  the next 2 move into a similar "plate" phase  & the bottom player move into a similar but double
                 round "saucer" phase.

16+ Players

Swiss System Tournament

There will be up to 14 weeks of matches available.  Players may play in as many or as few weeks as they wish.  Each player's best 9 results will decide the final placings.  If players physically played 9 matches or more, then their best score must include "played" matches (thus no byes); if they played less than 9 matches, then they may include byes in their best 9 scores.  Players may ask for 2 scoring byes of 2 points and as many scoring byes of 1 point as they wish (these are to help players keep their score ticking over so as to improve their chance of a "stronger" pairing.  (This is to ensure that players can limit the number of games they have to play without limiting their chances of winning).


Your duty is to notify the controller - as soon as you know - of any dates you cannot play during the season.  Please do not wait until the last minute.  We accept that emergencies will crop up, but a lot of careful planning goes into arranging the fixtures and it is (to be blunt) extremely annoying when someone suddenly spots that they have a fixture and asks to cancel because "they forgot to tell us that they were going on holiday........," etc.

Players should check the fixture/tournament charts to ensure their recorded days off are up straight. 

If however, you then have to cancel, please note that the onus is on YOU to ensure you get the message to the controller.  Players are NOT to contact the opposing player; CCF will do that by text and/or email.  We do not want players contacting their opponents as opponents have a habit of immediately deciding that they are going to do other things instead, and we may need them to play another game.

1    Email to advise us of your request to cancel and the reason; this email will be acknowledged.  

Email to advise us; this email will be acknowledged.  CCF will then (albeit with a lot of frustration!) try to re-arrange the fixtures so everyone has a game (not always easy).  

1    Email to advise us of your request to cancel and the reason. 
2    Ensure you receive a receipt within a few hours. 

1    Email to advise us of your request to cancel and the reason.  Please note that playing for another chess team will not be acceptable this late.
2    Text the chess mobile - the number should be stored on your phone and will be listed each week in CCF Chess News (as part of the heading) to re-confirm that information.
3    You should then receive both an email and/or text detailing the cancellation and any changes of fixtures affecting anyone plus a text to inform players that the email is there and that the web site has been changes.