Just a reminder that mid-week activities-Bible studies/Fellowship meals will begin again in September. We have a busy Summer of Scout camps and Chess celebration tournaments, and Family fun days. Please phone us for more details. Have a good summer everyone!

God Bless


No coffee morning this Friday

There will be no coffee morning this Friday! We are playing bridge instead! So if you would like to play bridge instead of drinking coffee, come along(you can drink coffee whilst playing bridge if you wish)!


Back to work, school and regular worship!

We are back to our regular scheduling after a cool summer of chess, scouts and camping. Communion tomorrow eve. We are having our final summer chess event this weekend, adult congress, going really well.

Join us tomorrow evening for as we share in fellowship the bread and the wine. God bless everyone!

No service

Just a reminder there is no service this Sunday. We are back on the 10th of August for Communion service! God bless all those camping this week!

Fellowship meal

Next week is the final fellowship meal until September. Over August we will not be running any midweek fellowship meals or bible studies.

Half term updates

Just a reminder that there is no fellowship meal or Bible study this half term week. Coffee Morning will be back in early June too.