Our vision


Our vision is through reformation and transformation to bring life back to the communities within England and to help and equip other Christian communities in this task. Our mission is to build revival centres which focus on community, Israel and those in society who need the most help, the poor, the needy and the elderly. With these revival centres we hope to bring about reformation and transformation with Jesus Christ at the centre. Reformation, transformation, life in Jesus Christ.



-To live our lives as disciples of Jesus Christ


-To live a life of grace according to the free mercy and grace God has given us


-to live in fellowship with one another and to build the body of Christ according to the fivefold ministry

God’s Spiritual gifts

-to exercise our spiritual gifts for the benefit of our fellow believers and the wider community

God’s love

-To live a life of love towards one another and to eagerly seek the biblical promises of perfecting love


-To live a messianic life, appreciating the biblical festivals and God’s purposes for the nation of Israel in these end times


-To live our lives incarnationally according to the word that became flesh. This means living in the flesh according to faith and manifesting the kingdom of God in the flesh just as Jesus did