Blitz (Open): 28th May 2007 (12x5 mins)

No Name              GradRef	Grade Club	Total  1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9   10   11   12  
1  FLACKER, Edgar    151438G	S205  (London)	11.5  19:W  6:W  3:D  2:W  8:W  5:W  7:W  4:W  9:W 10:W 12:W 15:W 15
2  BUYANDALAI, Tumen 255100H	E205  S Norwood 10.5   5:W  4:W 10:W  1:L  3:W  9:W  6:W  8:W  7:D 15:W 13:W 12:W
3  TURNER, Caius     174888K	D169  Kingston	9     13:W 21:W  1:D  7:W  2:L  4:D 12:W  5:W  6:L  9:W 11:W  8:W
4  BRISCOE, Chris    107290A	A167  Surbiton	9     17:W  2:L  8:W 10:W  5:D  3:D 20:W  1:L 12:W  6:W  7:W 22:W
5  GALLIANO, Alex    257460D	A122  Coulsdon	8      2:L 14:W 11:W  6:W  4:D  1:L 10:W  3:L  8:W  7:D  9:W 19:W 15 u160
6  ATAKO, Chino      245792B	A144  Redhill	7     18:W  1:L 12:W  5:L 13:W 21:W  2:L 11:W  3:W  4:L 10:W  7:L
7  HALDANE, Robin    111878L	A172  Streatham	6.5   22:W  8:L 14:W  3:L 20:W 11:W  1:L 12:D  2:D  5:D  4:L  6:W
8  BATCHELOR, Guy    101798G	E133  Willesden	6     11:W  7:W  4:L 16:W  1:L 12:L 13:W  2:L  5:L 17:W 18:W  3:L
9  KEANE, Graham     127349J	D182  C Palace	6     12:W 10:L 13:L 21:W 19:W  2:L 14:W 15:W  1:L  3:L  5:L 18:W
10 CORK, Dave        146435J	A130  Coulsdon	6     15:W  9:W  2:L  4:L 12:L 22:W  5:L 16:W 11:W  1:L  6:L 20:W
11 GALLIANO, George  258632A	A 63  Coulsdon	6      8:L 22:W  5:L 15:W 16:W  7:L 17:W  6:L 10:L 20:W  3:L 21:W 15 u120
12 ALLAN, Brian      122627H	D100  Coulsdon	5.5    9:L 15:W  6:L 14:W 10:W  8:W  3:L  7:D  4:L 22:W  1:L  2:L
13 CURTIS, Howard    162292E	A 93  Coulsdon	5.5    3:L 19:W  9:W 20:L  6:L 17:W  8:L 18:L 22:W 21:W  2:L 16:D
14 WALLIS, David     121037D	C 84  Worthing	5.5   16:W  5:L  7:L 12:L 22:W 18:W  9:L 20:W 15:L 19:D 21:L 17:W 7-50 (u90)
15 BATCHELOR, Peter  263174L	A 77  Willesden	5.5   10:L 12:L 17:D 11:L 18:W 16:W 19:W  9:L 14:W  2:L 20:W  1:L 7-50 (u90)
16 JACKSON, Paul     162291C	A139  Coulsdon	4.5   14:L 17:W 20:W  8:L 11:L 15:L 22:W 10:L 21:W 18:L 19:L 13:D
17 GLIDDON, Daniel   187818K	C 93  Coulsdon	4.5    4:L 16:L 15:D 18:D 21:W 13:L 11:L 19:D 20:W  8:L 22:W 14:L
18 SMYTH, Sandy      158919C	A 87  Coulsdon	4.5    6:L 20:L 22:L 17:D 15:L 14:L 21:W 13:W 19:W 16:W  8:L  9:L
19 DAILLEY, Colin    144315L	S110  Richmond	4      1:L 13:L 21:W 22:W  9:L 20:L 15:L 17:D 18:L 14:D 16:W  5:L
20 KHAN, Qaiyum      127526E	A109  Coulsdon	3     21:L 18:W 16:L 13:W  7:L 19:W  4:L 14:L 17:L 11:L 15:L 10:L
21 GALLIANO, Maurice        	S 50  Sussex	3     20:W  3:L 19:L  9:L 17:L  6:L 18:L 22:W 16:L 13:L 14:W 11:L
22 PRATLEY, Ian             	S100  Coulsdon	1      7:L 11:L 18:W 19:L 14:L 10:L 16:L 21:L 13:L 12:L 17:L  4:L
by Swiss Perfect (TM)