Saturday 22 June @ Chipstead Valley Primary School (Coulsdon) click link for map
Sunday 23 June @                Wimbledon Park Primary School (click link for map)
   Sunday 7 July @          Unicorn Primary School (Beckenham) click link for map
704 players qualified from the opening phase!

in Coulsdon
(Chipstead Valley Primary School)
in Wimbledon
(Wimbledon Park Primary School)
in West Wickham
(Unicorn Primary School)
Qualifies directly for Final


Surname Name School Age Group Boy/Girl
ABB Fel SJo Under 07 Girls
ABB Sol NWL Under 07 Boys
ABO Tob War Under 09 Boys
ABO Zac War Under 08 Boys
ADA Luc Red Under 10 Boys
ADS Har RPa Under 07 Boys
ADU Jer Par Under 10 Boys
AIN Chl RSM Under 09 Girls
AIN Emi RSM Under 06 Girls
AIN Kat RSM Under 10 Girls
ALB Kia ? Under 15 Boys
ALB Ann Cro Under 07 Girls
ALE Fel Ros Under 07 Boys
ALE Ker NWL Under 09 Girls
ALE Tey NWL Under 06 Girls
ALL Ame SDP Under 06 Girls
ALL Oli Kil Under 08 Boys
ALO Bre StD Under 08 Boys
ALO Jam StD Under 10 Boys
AMB Adi WCM Under 06 Boys
AME Jak ChV Under 08 Boys
AMR Inb Par Under 08 Boys
AMZ Zar OPa Under 08 Girls
AND Mar WCM Under 06 Boys
APR Rac OPa Under 08 Girls
ARC Ben SDP Under 08 Boys
ARC Cha SDP Under 10 Boys
ARD Jos RPa Under 06 Boys
ARO Ish Kew Under 09 Boys
ARO Sha Par Under 08 Boys
ARR Nee Ash Under 07 Boys
ART Cha CuB Under 06 Boys
ARU San Cra Under 11 Boys
ARU Tha SJo Under 11 Boys
ASH Jer Cra Under 10 Boys
ASH Har SDP Under 07 Boys
AST Ris WCM Under 07 Boys
ATK Mor Elm Under 11 Boys
AVA Ans StP Under 09 Boys
AYE Bel Bis Under 09 Boys
BAG Ish Elm Under 10 Boys
BAH Chl NWL Under 07 Girls
BAL Dyl Ale Under 08 Boys
BAL Ale Lan Under 11 Boys
BAR Mat HTG Under 10 Boys
BAR How ChV Under 09 Boys
BAS Kia Cro Under 08 Girls
BAS Mil Cou Under 07 Boys
BAT Zai Bis Under 08 Boys
BED Hum Kil Under 09 Boys
BEL Oli NWL Under 10 Girls
BEL Meg SJB Under 11 Girls
BEL Liz Ros Under 07 Girls
BEN Ede NWL Under 11 Boys
BEN Luc THa Under 10 Boys
BEN Geo SDW Under 09 Boys
BEN Oli StC Under 11 Boys
BEN Amr StC Under 07 Boys
BER Myl Hol Under 06 Boys
BER Gab HTG Under 09 Boys
BEV Anw Bis Under 08 Girls
BHA Aad Par Under 07 Girls
BHA Rin Ash Under 09 Girls
BIA Yos IJD Under 08 Boys
BIB Ces StC Under 09 Girls
BIN Naj Elm Under 06 Boys
BIN Yus HSc Under 08 Boys
BIN Zac SJo Under 11 Boys
BLA Fin Kew Under 10 Boys
BLA Jag Fai Under 10 Boys
BLA Jos Chi Under 11 Boys
BLA Aar Bla Under 07 Boys
BLO Arc Cou Under 08 Boys
BOA Jer Cou Under 06 Boys
BOD Rap IJD Under 07 Boys
BON Mai Syd Under 10 Girls
BOW Lay Red Under 09 Girls
BOW Mon Red Under 11 Boys
BRA Geo Cou Under 11 Boys
BRA Oli Bur Under 10 Boys
BRA Tho Bla Under 06 Boys
B J SDW Under 10 Boys
BRA Cha Syd Under 09 Girls
BRE Lou SMO Under 08 Boys
BRO Ted WCM Under 07 Boys
BRO Dan Hly Under 07 Boys
BRO Joe Hly Under 11 Boys
BRO Bla CuB Under 07 Boys
BRO Her SMK Under 06 Girls
BRU Har StC Under 09 Boys
BRY Osc Ale Under 11 Boys
BUC Oli Dun Under 09 Boys
BUR Tho WWP Under 08 Boys
BUS Pal Cro Under 10 Girls
BYF Oli Syd Under 09 Girls
CAM Ron HTG Under 07 Boys
CAR Mil Cat Under 13 Girls
CAR Aus Cat Under 10 Boys
CAS Pao Hol Under 06 Girls
CHA Sop Hly Under 07 Girls
CHA Ans CuB Under 07 Boys
CHA Car Cro Under 11 Girls
CHA Ees CuB Under 10 Boys
CHA Ibr CuB Under 06 Boys
CHE Sta WCM Under 06 Boys
CHE Tho HTG Under 06 Boys
CHE Emi Ros Under 09 Girls
CHO Dex HTG Under 07 Boys
CHO Eli HTG Under 08 Boys
CHO Jun RSM Under 11 Boys
CHO Sar Dun Under 07 Girls
CHO Tak THa Under 10 Boys
CHR Viv Chi Under 11 Girls
CHR Kai Smi Under 06 Girls
CHU Ama Dun Under 06 Girls
CHU Mer Hly Under 11 Boys
CLA Ale HTG Under 10 Boys
CLO Cil Fai Under 08 Boys
CLO Har Fai Under 10 Boys
COG Dan Ros Under 09 Boys
COH Nat NWL Under 06 Boys
COO Cha StP Under 09 Boys
COO Kai Hal Under 08 Boys
COP Ell NWL Under 06 Girls
COR Leo WWP Under 08 Boys
COR Lou Bis Under 11 Boys
COW Zac NWL Under 07 Boys
CRA Ben RSM Under 09 Boys
CRE Blu SJo Under 09 Boys
CRI Zar Syd Under 09 Girls
CRO Liv HTG Under 07 Girls
CRO Xav HTG Under 10 Boys
CRO Sop ChV Under 07 Girls
CUN Nik Ros Under 09 Boys
CUR Isl Hol Under 06 Girls
DAG Seb HTG Under 07 Boys
DAN Ben WWP Under 08 Boys
DAR Sam Cra Under 08 Boys
DAV Har Ale Under 10 Boys
DAV Set NWL Under 09 Boys
DAV Rob Chi Under 10 Boys
DAW Cia Abe Under 11 Boys
DAW Jak Cat Under 08 Boys
DAY Mic Elm Under 09 Boys
DCO Sky Kes Under 11 Girls
DEL Noa StJ Under 07 Boys
DEL Con Hal Under 08 Boys
DEO Jos Elt Under 11 Boys
DHA Ari Ash Under 10 Boys
DHI Zac Hal Under 08 Boys
DIM Roc Red Under 08 Boys
DIC Sam RPa Under 07 Boys
DIX Sid OBa Under 07 Boys
DIX Hol HTG Under 10 Girls
DIX Hol Cat Under 09 Girls
DOB Cha StC Under 06 Boys
DOR Adi ? Under 07 Boys
DOY Jud Hly Under 06 Boys
DOY Pat Hly Under 08 Boys
DRI Art Ale Under 08 Boys
DSO Kat StJ Under 08 Girls
DUN Ash SDW Under 09 Boys
DUN Har Hol Under 07 Boys
EAR Wal THa Under 08 Boys
EAS Ell THa Under 08 Boys
EDW Kie StC Under 06 Girls
EGL Wil HTG Under 10 Girls
EKU Ivi Hly Under 09 Girls
ELH Emr Ros Under 10 Boys
ELC Lil Kil Under 10 Girls
ELL Yis SJo Under 07 Boys
ELS Jar NWL Under 10 Boys
EME Wil HSc Under 13 Boys
EMM Cha SDW Under 10 Boys
EPS Yis NWL Under 10 Boys
FAI Jon Chi Under 11 Boys
FER Jos Kil Under 08 Boys
FER Tri Bis Under 11 Boys
FIC Maj StJ Under 09 Girls
FIR Rob HTG Under 06 Boys
FOL Pho HTG Under 09 Girls
FOL Zoe HTG Under 07 Girls
FOL Geo RPa Under 09 Girls
FOR Aly Fai Under 09 Boys
FOS Isa Ale Under 10 Boys
FOX Dan Dun Under 08 Boys
FRA Gab StC Under 10 Boys
FRA The Bis Under 08 Boys
FRE Mic Rav Under 18 Boys
FRE Aar NWL Under 06 Boys
FUL Mag Cou Under 07 Boys
FUR Seb HTG Under 07 Boys
GAD Geo StJ Under 07 Boys
GAD Jac StJ Under 08 Boys
GAD Gay Dun Under 08 Girls
GAE Ank Elt Under 11 Boys
GAI Cec HTG Under 08 Girls
GAI Emm HTG Under 06 Girls
GAJ Sri Par Under 11 Boys
GAL Hel StJ Under 06 Girls
GAM Ott ? Under 10 Boys
GAN Roh Elm Under 08 Boys
GAR Seb Fai Under 10 Boys
GAR Mat Cou Under 11 Boys
GAR Shi NWL Under 07 Girls
GAT Jac SDP Under 06 Boys
GAU Jac CuB Under 07 Boys
GIL Shi NWL Under 08 Girls
GIL Sac WCM Under 07 Boys
GIL Oli SDW Under 10 Girls
GOD Sam Cat Under 11 Boys
GOG Hen RPa Under 07 Boys
GOG Abe Rea Under 11 Boys
GOH Isa Chi Under 10 Boys
GOO Oli RSM Under 06 Girls
GOO Lar Hal Under 11 Boys
GOO Mai CuB Under 08 Boys
GOS Iva WCM Under 06 Boys
GOS Max Kil Under 10 Boys
GOU Sam SMO Under 11 Boys
GOV Ley SDP Under 08 Girls
GOW Jac SMO Under 11 Boys
GRA Zof SJB Under 08 Girls
GRA Noa War Under 10 Boys
GRA Ale RSM Under 09 Boys
GRE Dav NWL Under 06 Boys
GRE Noa IJD Under 10 Boys
GRE Leo Hom Under 09 Boys
GRE Vin Hom Under 13 Boys
GRE Jak RSM Under 09 Boys
GRE Jam Abe Under 11 Boys
GRE Lot OPa Under 06 Girls
GRI Han StC Under 09 Girls
GRI Tho TCh Under 13 Boys
GRO Art Bla Under 07 Boys
GRO Max Abe Under 10 Boys
GUD Ani Sut Under 13 Boys
GUE Luc SDP Under 11 Boys
GUO Jay CuB Under 08 Boys
GUP Lil ChV Under 08 Girls
GUP Mar ChV Under 06 Girls
GUP Aan OPa Under 06 Girls
HAC Oli Ros Under 07 Boys
HAL Emi THa Under 08 Girls
HAM Han OPa Under 08 Girls
HAM Zev IJD Under 07 Boys
HAR Con HTG Under 10 Boys
HAR Cal Ban Under 08 Boys
HAR Isa Syd Under 10 Girls
HAS Dan CuB Under 07 Boys
HAS Dav CuB Under 07 Boys
HAS Edm CuB Under 06 Boys
HAW Lar SMO Under 09 Girls
HAY Fre SMO Under 11 Boys
HEA Dex RPa Under 07 Boys
HEI Ava Cro Under 10 Girls
HEN Chr Ree Under 08 Boys
HER Ste Kew Under 06 Girls
HIL Gab HTG Under 09 Boys
HIL Luc HTG Under 07 Boys
HIL Sta Kil Under 10 Boys
HON Jam War Under 07 Boys
HON Sim War Under 06 Boys
HOW Art Woo Under 09 Boys
HOW Her Woo Under 11 Boys
HUI Sel OPa Under 10 Girls
HUS Nia SDP Under 09 Girls
HUT Hen RSM Under 06 Boys
HUT Bon RSM Under 06 Girls
IRA Jos Bla Under 08 Girls
IRV And Bla Under 10 Boys
IRV Jon Bla Under 06 Boys
IRW Gil HTG Under 07 Boys
ISD Ben Bla Under 11 Boys
ISD Tho Bla Under 06 Boys
IYE Aka Elm Under 06 Boys
JAC Alp SJB Under 10 Girls
JAI Sha SDP Under 07 Boys
JAI Ade Cro Under 08 Girls
JAN Ais Bla Under 06 Girls
JAS Kia Mai Under 08 Girls
JAS Rio Haz Under 13 Boys
JAY Arn CuB Under 06 Boys
JEN Geo SDW Under 11 Boys
JEN Hen SDW Under 08 Boys
JEN Ada RPr Under 08 Girls
JEN Ben RPr Under 09 Boys
JEV Ste SDW Under 10 Boys
JEY Dhe Elm Under 09 Boys
JEY Tar Elm Under 08 Boys
JON Sam Fai Under 09 Boys
JOS Luc Elm Under 08 Boys
JUD Jai StJ Under 07 Boys
KAI Har Bla Under 07 Girls
KAL Cha RSM Under 06 Boys
KAL Eri Ros Under 07 Boys
KAM Diy Par Under 11 Girls
KAM Sai Kew Under 08 Boys
KAN Sam War Under 08 Girls
KAN Har Che Under 09 Boys
KAP Roh WCM Under 06 Boys
KAP Ros Woo Under 09 Boys
KAR Pra ? Under 11 Girls
KAS Aar Elm Under 07 Boys
KAS Mikaeel Elm Under 10 Boys
KAU Mir NWL Under 10 Girls
KEA Oli Hol Under 06 Boys
KEO Ton SJB Under 07 Boys
KER Orl HTG Under 07 Girls
KEW Dan HTG Under 08 Boys
KHA Ais RSM Under 10 Girls
KHA Aqs RSM Under 10 Girls
KHA Ayd WCM Under 06 Boys
KHA Uma CuB Under 08 Boys
KHE Ved WCM Under 07 Boys
KHI Ama ChV Under 06 Boys
KHI Arj ChV Under 06 Boys
KHI Ran ChV Under 08 Boys
KIE Cha StP Under 09 Boys
KIM Jae Dun Under 08 Boys
KIN Els RPr Under 11 Girls
KIN Isl RPr Under 09 Girls
KIN Isa Woo Under 07 Boys
KIS Leo StJ Under 08 Boys
KON She All Under 07 Girls
KOT Jai StA Under 08 Boys
KOZ Phi Red Under 07 Boys
KRA Man NWL Under 06 Boys
KRA Yon IJD Under 08 Boys
KRA Ala CuB Under 06 Boys
KRI Myt Par Under 08 Girls
KRY Lau Hal Under 09 Girls
KUH Adr Kew Under 11 Boys
KUM Sac RSM Under 06 Boys
KYR Lea Ale Under 10 Girls
LAB Enz Kew Under 07 Boys
LAK Shr ? Under 13 Boys
LAM Moh Kil Under 08 Boys
LAM Roh Kil Under 08 Boys
LAN Cur WWP Under 08 Boys
LAN Dar WWP Under 11 Boys
LAP Leo Cou Under 08 Boys
LAR Lau HTG Under 08 Boys
LAU Zac Cat Under 10 Boys
LEA Roc SJB Under 08 Girls
LEC Jon Fai Under 07 Boys
LEE Pet RSM Under 07 Boys
LEM Tho Dun Under 08 Boys
LEN Jud StJ Under 10 Boys
LEN Fre WCM Under 07 Boys
LEN Loļ Bla Under 08 Boys
LEN Nat Wes Under 10 Boys
LER Jul Kil Under 08 Girls
LES Mil HTG Under 07 Boys
LEV Vic HTG Under 08 Boys
LEV Aur NWL Under 08 Girls
LI Sha War Under 09 Girls
LI Yua Hig Under 10 Boys
LIN Ani WWP Under 11 Boys
LIU Xia CuB Under 07 Boys
LLO Sam ChV Under 06 Boys
LOC And Ale Under 09 Boys
LON Mai ChV Under 07 Boys
LON Tam OPa Under 07 Girls
LOW Ray SDW Under 08 Girls
LU Tai Cat Under 08 Boys
LU Yih SDP Under 09 Boys
LUC Rom SMO Under 08 Girls
LUC Edw New Under 07 Boys
LUT Ary Ree Under 09 Boys
LVO Mar Bla Under 07 Girls
MAC Ala ChV Under 09 Boys
MAC Isa SJB Under 08 Girls
MAC Ben Kil Under 11 Boys
MAD Sre War Under 09 Boys
MAD Joh RSM Under 09 Boys
MAG Nat Hly Under 11 Boys
MAH Mei Woo Under 11 Boys
MAH Urv Woo Under 08 Girls
MAL Lac WCM Under 07 Boys
MAL Ame Ash Under 07 Girls
MAN Pra Wil Under 13 Boys
MAN Saa War Under 10 Girls
MAN Bea Kil Under 08 Girls
MAR Aus RSM Under 06 Boys
MAR Rup RPr Under 08 Boys
MAR Jam RSM Under 06 Boys
MAS Ell Cro Under 11 Girls
MAT Dom StJ Under 06 Boys
MAT Seb StJ Under 08 Boys
MAU Luc RSM Under 10 Boys
MAX Hug StC Under 11 Boys
MCB Kat ? Under 09 Girls
MCB Seb Bla Under 06 Boys
MCB Tim Bla Under 07 Boys
MCG Emm SJB Under 11 Girls
MCK Jos Elm Under 06 Boys
MCL Eva SDW Under 07 Boys
MCR Rob Kil Under 11 Boys
MED Arn Elm Under 07 Boys
MEH Jai Elm Under 06 Boys
MEK Ada HSc Under 11 Boys
MEN Dha ChV Under 07 Boys
MEN Ane Val Under 09 Boys
MER Rub Kil Under 11 Girls
MER Cia StJ Under 09 Girls
MET Emm Dun Under 08 Girls
MEY Seb RPa Under 08 Boys
MIH Phi War Under 08 Boys
MIJ Ini Ora Under 09 Boys
MIL And Chi Under 09 Boys
MIL Osc StP Under 08 Boys
MIN Sop Cat Under 09 Girls
MIN Sam IJD Under 07 Boys
MIR Ale Cat Under 10 Boys
MIS Geo Fai Under 10 Boys
MIT Jac Woo Under 08 Boys
MIT Liv SDP Under 06 Girls
MOH Ani Elm Under 09 Boys
MON Flo Ros Under 07 Girls
MOO Cil Bis Under 08 Boys
MOR Bha Hev Under 08 Boys
MOR Nef ChV Under 08 Girls
MOR Geo Abe Under 10 Boys
MOS Ste NWL Under 07 Girls
MOX Cha Bla Under 08 Boys
MUD Shr Dun Under 09 Boys
MUD Ris Elm Under 06 Boys
MUL Ini RPr Under 08 Boys
MUN Haa Par Under 11 Boys
MUR Cy HTG Under 07 Boys
MUR Ell Kil Under 08 Girls
MUR Oli Bis Under 09 Girls
MUS Mak RPa Under 10 Boys
MUS Fel Bla Under 07 Boys
NAH Isa WCM Under 07 Boys
NAI Lia Elm Under 06 Boys
NAI Kes Sta Under 11 Boys
NAM Sam Par Under 08 Girls
NAN Ted SMO Under 11 Boys
NAN Shr Red Under 06 Girls
NAS Rad War Under 08 Boys
NER Mar Bla Under 07 Boys
NEW Jac RPr Under 10 Boys
NIC The WCM Under 06 Boys
NIR Shl Par Under 09 Boys
NOA Sam Ale Under 10 Boys
NOR Sta Kil Under 11 Boys
NOR Emi Hal Under 11 Girls
NOW Dan Ora Under 09 Boys
NUT Kus Pou Under 11 Boys
NUT Tan Pou Under 09 Boys
NWA Mel Bis Under 08 Boys
NEW Chl OPa Under 08 Girls
ODI Isa Kil Under 09 Boys
ODU Eli Hly Under 08 Girls
ODU Emm Hly Under 10 Boys
OH Yul Dun Under 08 Boys
OKU Ama Smi Under 08 Girls
OKU Hos Smi Under 09 Boys
OLE Bel Woo Under 07 Girls
ORO Dan Elm Under 06 Boys
ORU Isa SDP Under 06 Boys
OSE Mik StC Under 07 Boys
OWE Jos Fai Under 10 Boys
OWE Jam THa Under 13 Boys
OYA Aat Dev Under 07 Boys
OZE Tua Par Under 10 Girls
PAD Adi War Under 07 Boys
PAI Ana Tif Under 13 Boys
PAI Ann Hol Under 07 Girls
PAL Vis Par Under 11 Boys
PAL Riy OPa Under 10 Girls
PAN Ted Fai Under 10 Boys
PAR Naa Not Under 09 Girls
PAR Aad WCM Under 07 Boys
PAS Roh War Under 09 Boys
PAT Aar SDP Under 07 Girls
PAT Ani RSM Under 09 Girls
PAT Arj SDP Under 06 Boys
PAT Bra WCM Under 06 Boys