During COVID-19 Lockdown


During the time of lockdown CCF will be offering online training for our current pupils using the normal PayPal buttons.


We are going to be running our chess sessions online through the use of Zoom and Chesskids.  We will be running sessions based on the institute of chess syllabus at levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 and these will be complimented by the use of Chesskids which you will be invited to join at the appropriate level for your them.

The session will start with a presentation by the chess trainer on the topic being taught. There will also be the option for your child to type chess questions to the chess trainer which will be weaved into the presentation and answered as the coach feels appropriate so that the child can learn and get a good understanding of the topic being coached so please do encourage them to think of questions.

 The only cameras and audio that will be on will be those of the CCF members of staff who are in the session.  Please do note that the chess trainer may not be your child’s normal chess trainer but all the CCF chess trainers will do a great coaching session, and are DBS checked. We do ask that your child's full name is not on display ie: Smith Home.

 Once the presentation is over, your chess trainer will and your child will be expected to log on to Chesskids with their user name and password where the chess trainer will have set up some work for your child to do and there will be videos to watch as well as puzzles and exercises to do.

 The good thing about Chesskids is that your child can also log on at other times and through the “learn” button on the left and then if you click “lessons” it allows the child to work through topics from where they have got to.  It starts from Pawn level (really easy) to King level (the higher king levels are very complicated) so if you find the level they are set at too easy then please do let us know and we can crank it up to a topic that is more compatible to where they are in their chess.