During COVID-19 Lockdown


During the ongoing situation CCF will be offering some in school and some online training for our current pupils using the normal PayPal buttons. Please check your school's details for more information.


However, we are able to offer interactive training with your normal trainer (where available) via Zoom. This will be slightly different to how we ran Summer Term in that you will be in your school groups so videos and audio will be allowed so that greater interaction can be had with your trainer. These sessions will be recorded.

You will be paying for the sessions as usual, but included  in the price is a non-refundable £8 for your child’s Gold subscription to ChessKid, this is valid for 4 months. If you personally already have Gold Membership with ChessKid please email officemanager@ccfworld.com for an updated invoice (if you paid for Summer Term your Gold Membership will have expired) :-

After school sessions will be generally on the same day between 4.30pm and 5.15pm with interactive continuation after this session. Lunchtime classes will be subject to trainers availability and time restraints, but will be after school or at weekends.

The good thing about Chesskids is that your child can also log on at other times and through the “learn” button on the left and then if you click “lessons” it allows the child to work through topics from where they have got to.  It starts from Pawn level (really easy) to King level (the higher king levels are very complicated) so if you find the level they are set at too easy then please do let us know and we can crank it up to a topic that is more compatible to where they are in their chess.